Author Topic: No mans sky has redeemed itself. The liberal SJWs cannot keep NMS down.  (Read 3036 times)

Haha, hey, why's there a lock on this door? I just want to know what you were implying, 's all. Please open up.

All fallout games are bad. No man's sky is superior to all of them.
this is the most egregious thing you have written on BLF

this is the most egregious thing you have written on BLF
don't you mean egregrious?

You might be a liberal if you get mad someone calls you out for being a liberal.
Obvious troll is obvious, how are people so loving stupid they fall for this attention slag

Obvious troll is obvious, how are people so loving stupid they fall for this attention slag

hot take: people "fall" for it because tony is funny

maybe they should have waited until now to release. they released before tons of promised features were in the game, lol, of course they got bad reviews. they published an unfinished game.

Tony is just ironically stuffposting right now with all the SJW stuff.

Hello Games attempting to use necromancy to revive NMS (colorized)

maybe they should have waited until now to release.

When your publisher pushes you to release you better do it.

TBH my biggest problem with NMS is that the generation isn't as great as it looks. I only care about exploring planets--anything else, I'd go play EVE or Elite. The planets suck. They all have the same robot enemies and natural predators are laughably easy to fry even with the starter gun. Every single planet is covered in little bases (I thought I was discovering them?) and while the planets and and animals seem to change, all bases look the same. Why wouldn't they make the bases automatically generate with a series of styles? That would be cool.

Also, the planets are all 1-biome. It's a desert planet, a snow planet, or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning inbetween. There's no Earth-likes or biomes with multiple biomes. The animals look stupid because the generation that designs them is totally random, but I'll let that go because it can get pretty funny. Also, it doesn't help me feel immersed when I literally can't fly my own ship or go below cloud height--you just point at a spot to land and hit a button. The ship automatically lands for you. You also auto-land in shuttles. Hard landings on Elite are pretty fun, and IDK why they'd take the ability to crash out of the game.

Even if the generation was truly breathtaking, it would get old eventually. There are no fun incentives to visit planets. It's either a boring fetchquest for a linear story (the point of this game was to write your own story!) or you are literally just mining. Instead of exploring planets I would tend to just scan for resources and spend the next few minutes grinding down a pillar of rocks in a very boring fashion. My suggestion would be to totally remove mining from the game--it's boring as hell. Maybe keep precious minerals in small forms or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.  Also, survival boiling down to 'FIND CARBON!' isn't very fun. Especially when every planet carries the essential elements for survival. It's just scanning and then jetpacking into the distance. The new toolbar that let you call your ship to your location was a good idea, though. Base building looks really cool--but it's an exploration game, so I'd feel tied down. Purchasing mobile fleets was a much better idea.

btw, get the 3rd person flight mod. it feels awesome.

They updated how planets work and now terrain manipulation is permanent.

I made a big ass hole and called it "the world's largest hole" attraction and theme park.

You know, your point would actually be a lot stronger if you posted the announcement for their next update.

Legit open co-op/PVP will be in this game.

I check on it every month or so. It's meh but getting better.

If they do add pvp/co-op and it's decent I'd consider picking the game up - if it were a little cheaper