Author Topic: Looking to make a weapon pack, but need a modeler  (Read 449 times)

I want to make a weapon pack, but I'd need a modeler. Specifically, I want to make weapons that would have an all around use for anything, really. It'd be cool to make them have limited ammo, but I'm not really sure how to do that in the realms of coding without using someone else's ammo code. I have someone who will do all the weapon sounds, I just need someone who's willing to model/brainstorm weapon ideas.

Weapons like this are a cool idea/style - they're Jakeblade's models.

I think I like Khain's model style more though, the colors are neat. The best example of models that would be ideal would be model's in khain's colorful weapon pack.

Essentially want to make a pack of simple, default-like weapons like these with cool sounds, all around uses, and perhaps a limited ammo ability. Would anyone be down to talk about it?
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