Author Topic: zombeh's dusty and barely functional mods. (unrealeased advanced pack shiz)  (Read 1447 times)

a bunch of unreleased mods of mine. use them as a reference for scripting or attempt to use them on your server, because they probably might work.
please post any bugs so people know what to expect.

advanced pack updated and unreleased content:

daycycle based time and weather (w/ some events):
use commands to start and stop script (disables the environment menu when running)
/startweather "daycycle length ms"

I had a completely unfinished runescape style grand exchange economy script for items I was going to post for reference but I must have lost it when i reinstalled windows.
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The thunder/lightning in the weather mod looks super interesting.
Dunno what to do with the weapon pack.

Thanks for posting this.
more unreleased weapons for the advanced pack