Author Topic: Clan topic is the new off-topic.  (Read 5708 times)

#ReviveMotE #ReviveScatteredSpace

MotE was garbage. Bring back USSR.

MotE was garbage. Bring back USSR.
That's who i was forgetting


Honestly, I feel the same. I feel as though Clan Discussion really isn't needed anymore. (who even takes clans seriously anymore what is this 2009?)
I feel as though tony is mostly right here. MOSTLY. it seems to be a lot of "check out my discord" and "Gamers Rise UPPPPP" type clans. the only good things to come out of Clan Discussion are possibly the Star Wars Content Creation Clan, Square Society, and the Blockland Content Creators.

other than that you got TOT PATROL ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, (some clan soneone commented on like, twice because it's so uninteresting), and WE AREN'T TOT PATROL WE PROMISE IN FACT WE'RE AT WAR WITH THEM

so yeah, Clan Discussion sucks now

Then you got serious clans like mine

lol ok tony

Eh thot patrol was a better clan than harvest anyways

Then you got serious clans like mine
This part gave me the biggest laugh of my week.

You don't have to take clans seriously but constantly stuffting on them like what piecrust is doing is loving ridiculous.

I'm not stuffting on your clan
I'm posting in your clan thread