Author Topic: "Too many events at once!"  (Read 570 times)

I'm trying to create lighting systems in buildings that I'm making in my server but whenever I event the things to make it so that they should work, I get a centerprint message like in /title when I activate them

I have no idea what's causing this at all so let me know if I need to provide you guys with things so you get a better understanding of what's happening

I've already upped the server's per-player schedules limit to 100 from 50 but it didn't make a difference


pretty sure there's a console command to fix this but idk what it is, best of luck

set schedules to 1000. thats the default max, and even at that level it wont lag or crash your server due to how it works. youd have more lag troubles if someone used vce on your server than if you had 1000 events scheduled to run.

if thats still not enough, theres some code you can run to jack the limit higher ingame. given that theres no limit for scripts, its kinda arbitrary that events are cut off at 1000 (esp if many bricks are involved as each one counts as one), so its understandable if youd need it