Do you like this Medieval City?

Yeah its the most realtistic medieval city ever made!
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Please i want to see it!
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I am called Badspot and i have no idea add-ons exist!
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I dont like the new forum theme
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Author Topic: [Cohort Team] Medieval/renaissance City  (Read 1550 times)

I started to build some months ago a medieval city, eventually, this is getting used by Heedicalking PRPG server.
It uses many custom addons that we made and will release once it will be done
The city include 2 blacksmiths, a giant blast furnace, more than 50 houses, a tavern, a jail... and much more
All of the buildings have interiors, there is also a ton of hidden areas/secrets rooms and cool sewers for pirate/thief life :)
I probably already did a topic about this city, but it was sht and its too old to be updated

Credits: Sylvanor, Skill4life, ANT, Sleven, Whostelmahcar, Heedicalking

The city is at a very advanced state (300k) but there is still a lot to do!
To explore/see/save it, just join my server when its up

Notice: The version you might have already seen at Heed is VERY outdated (1y old) and a lot has been added/redo/deleted

Hope you enjoy the build!
% of completion: 70
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Someone didint include a pic of the c a f ę

nice ANThill

nice flying pney
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le le le its good of course

wheres ant's sauna

One of the best builds ever.
everybody should see this themselves.

(I had the luck to see this yesterday, and read about ANT's adventures)

i really love the modter terrain, feels really nostalgic for some reason.

this build was a great addition to heedicalking's prpg
i like that you emphasized the individuality of each building by adding unique details and designs

i remember this medieval town you worked on a long time ago too. it's neat to see the differences in the styles that you used

wtf u remember that? jeez! ye i did kinda some progress since :)

i remember checking in on this a few months back and it looked awesome even then when it was wip, keep up the good work man