Author Topic: [Bricks] More No-Collides (New Thread due to error)  (Read 1630 times)

(Original thread was deemed 'Too-old' to post in or edit)

I've taken the original addons listed below and modified them to now include a no-collide variety alongside the regulars.
A simple thumbnail for the no-collides was added, as-well as a separate category.
Please read the download instructions before using.

Included Packs Converted:

Leaves the Originals Unmoved

New Category / Icon


In case you are worried, back up the listed add-ons. (If you already have them.)
Replace the add-ons in your folder with the ones you downloaded, or they might conflict with each-other.

Dropbox Download
Google Drive Download

If you have any problems with the pack please tell me, I'll address them when able. Even take it into your own hands if you want.

Credit for the originals/bricks themselves go to their respective owners:
Masterlegodude, siba, Demian, Tophius, Pass, Kris, and Emil.
(If I missed someone, please notify me.)

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ot: good mod
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brother shut up lol where in that post was he trying to be funny
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