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Author Topic: Block Wars: First Strike (Coruscant Update)  (Read 1284 times)

(Disclaimer: This is not associated with the SWCCC or the Block Wars franchise)

Block Wars: First Strike is a 16 v 16 multiplayer online shooter that takes place in the Star Wars Universe. Take control of four unique classes and go head to head in a variety of gamemodes such as Conquest and Capture the Flag. Explore new worlds in this ever-expanding universe and take control of the galaxy! May the force be with you, always...

The Soldier class is the backbone of the army and is equipped with an assault rifle, a pistol, and two hand grenades. They are also equipped with gauze guns that can heal other players.

The Engineer class is a demolition expert, and can surprise his enemy using C4's. He is also equipped with a Field rifle and a submachine pistol.

The Gunner is the ultimate line of defense, where their heavy blaster rifles outmatch those who oppose them. They are also equipped with a pistol.

The Scout class can even the score as long as they are out of sight. Equipped with sniper rifles and submachine pistols, their absence makes them dangerous.

Updates to new topic coming soon!

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Does anyone know any mods I could use to rotate gamemodes and saves as well as environments?

The server is now open! The map is Mos Eisley.

The server has been shut down. Thanks for playing!
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I'm playing it right now!

Hey troopers! I'm sorry if I haven't replied for a while, I've been busy setting up the demo for the game! I don't know how long it will take me to get this demo set up, but hopefully it's soon. More construction has been done on Coruscant, and classes have been improved and rearranged. Some of the use grenades now. The projects is moving forward, and I'm very excited for the demo!

Here's a new picture of Coruscant! I wanted this map to feel big mostly because it's the freakin' Jedi Temple. The inside is much more massive than the one in Star Wars Battlefront. There will be extra rooms and much larger frontal area. As for Mustafar, the map has halted production. I'm unhappy with how it is turning out, so the map will have a major overhaul in the future. The demo is close to being completed, but I still need to fix some errors before it is ready.

Another Picture of the WIP Jedi Temple with a small sneak peak at the library.

For the record, I fully support this being called Block Wars. Good thread.


Production on the main game has been halted for a little bit in order for the tutorial level to be completed.

This tutorial will teach you the ins-and-outs of the game. You can even hang out with your friends and take up your skills against each other!