Author Topic: your warped into your computer, what game do you go in?  (Read 1750 times)

I've got three answers.
If the game isn't a whole world (it works like if I was playing it on a computer, but I'm actually there) then Rec Room. Nobody dies there, and I can still interact with real people.
If death is permanent and the game world is a whole world (not limited by real-world game content, but rather just following the logic and lore of that content; you're just placed in the body of the protagonist in the beginning and set loose upon their world, no forced linear paths and endings) then Warframe, because spoilers for The Second Dream: Your Operator never dies, only your Warframe. Even if your warframe is destroyed forever when it dies, you aren't dead.
If death isn't permanent and it's a whole world, then NaissanceE. It's one of those games where it doesn't explain anything and it hints at a much larger world, and I'd like to figure out what the forget all that stuff was.
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Xcom because holy stuff being an alien slaying badass is awesome

mega cringe

same person who said terraria, which is more cringe then tf2 matey
(note i dont support either games)

I'd probably goto these fellers
Doom 1, 2, And 4.
Postal 2
Fallout 3 GOTY
Fallout New Vegas
VRChat (Can stuffpost without consequence)
And most importantly,

obvious. undertale... what? *shrug*

same person who said terraria, which is more cringe then tf2 matey
BZZZT wrong

hentai battle grounds

global thermonuclear war

whale carcass simulator

Elite Dangerous. I would work as a servant of the grand Empire.


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