Author Topic: Skybox Template to help you guys create a skybox  (Read 6476 times)

Hey guys, so I was trying to make a skybox but I realized that I had no idea how to even create one. So i decided to make a template for me and you guys. This one was designed to be used for blockland and not some template pulled from the internet.
I hope you enjoy!
Also read the readme.txt!

forget yea needed this stuff

Should include clouds with 3 different cloud textures that say "clouds" with the layer number

You can look at Slate Storm's DML and Atmosphere files to see how clouds work

i made a reference including how they connect a while time ago

It's also worth noting that the 7th line is what texture to use for reflective materials, which is mostly defunct as of v21, but materials that do utilize reflections can still be seen when you set shaders to 'off'

>skybox template

expect a skybox to go with Sunflare_Shrek
in other words a meme shrek skybox

edit: nvm
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we have needed this for a long periolodically time

you should make a template with animated clouds.

Not enough animated clouds on blockland these days.