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Blocktown Trials is a server that challenges players on their ability to convincingly lie, as well as detect when other players are lying!  The game ranges from 7 to 15 players, who are randomly divided into alignments – Town, Mafia, and Indies.  If you are a Town member (i.e. the good guys), you must track down and eliminate the Mafia and other villains before they do!  ...The catch?  You don’t know who is a Town member and who is a villain.  If you are a villainous role (Mafia, Psychos), you secretly murder town members in the veil of night and try to avoid getting caught during the day.



The majority of players in any given round are aligned with the Town.  To win as a Town member, you need to rid the town of all evildoers.  Which is... easier said than done, as Town members can't tell who's evil and who isn't.  To make up for this, however, the Town is full of useful people -- investigative types, killers, supporters, you name it!


Mafia make up 4/15 players in a standard match.  Mafia are aware of who are on their team, and also can talk to each other at night!  However, since their radio signal isn't secure, they have to speak anonymously.  This means the Mafia members have to carefully plan out their heists, especially if the town's Spy is eavesdropping on them!  As usual, the Mafia win by erasing the entire town of non-Mafia life, killing everyone not aligned with them.


There are three types of independent roles: Benign, Evil, and Insane.  Combined, they take 2/15 of the playercount in a standard match. Benign is not part of the standard game type.

Benign are roles that really don't amount to much. The only ability they have in their arsenal is voting power. Their goals behave independently of the actual game, and can be either beneficial or terrible for the town depending on the player's decision.  The Amnesiac, for example, can examine a dead player, and steal their role - regardless of the body's former alignment.  And once he assumes a role, he'll win by fulfilling the new roles goals. However, it is his choice whether he should be an townie, another independent, or mafia!

Evil are like Benign, except they are purely, well, evil.  Like Benign, they have independent goals from the game, and win once they fulfill said goals! Their wins require another player be sacrificed. The Jester, for example, will win once he gets lynched. He can then kill someone who voted guilty or abstained during his trail.

Chaos don't care anything or anyone - their one objective is simply to slaughter everyone in the town, regardless of name, team, dependency, alignment, religion or SAT score.  They want a quiet life, and they'll build it atop a mountain of corpses if they need to. Chaos are not aware of other chaotic roles in the game. However, Chaos can win with other independent roles. No townies nor mafia can be left alive for Chaos to win.


There are 22 planned roles for the game.
 A list of the roles can be found here:



That's right! In Blocktown Trials, every single player gets a home to stay in, sometimes even with roommates.  The names of the people living in each house is helpfully (or incriminatingly) plastered on their front door, which only they can lock and unlock at will.  However, any killing role can break down a locked door once per night, making an incredibly loud racket while doing so!  And usually, when a house is broken into, so are the skulls of all the tenants...

In Blocktown Trials, you can also agree with another player to have a sleepover at their house!  You will be harder to track down and kill if you're not in your own house, but if your "friend" is part of a different team, they'll see you as a massive and easy target wide open for assassination...

Even if your roommate is actually an enemy, you'll normally be safe!  It's INCREDIBLY incriminating when someone was killed but their roommate was alive and well. As such, if your roommate is smart, they'll want you alive for as long as possible, unless they're really sneaky or REALLY want to get lynched.


Only killing roles in Blocktown Trials can wield weapons. Everyone else is unarmed and has to fall back on a trial system.  However, the weapons themselves have limitations too - all guns in the game have limited ammo every night.  If someone's aim is outright terrible, they can go an entire night without murdering anyone!  The only weapon that can be used freely at night is the Serial Killer's knife.

And if they're extremely unlucky, killing roles can also get completely shafted at night! The Jailer can whisk them away from any potential targets and lock them up for the night, and the Locksmith can jam doors, rendering the victim unable to leave his room for the night!


Daytime lasts 4 minutes. You start the day with 2 minutes to examine the crime scene, and discuss the circumstances of the murder.  Once investigation time is up, everyone is swept away to a courtroom.  They have 30 more seconds to discuss the murder, and then the 30 second voting period starts, during which drowsy people finally show up, and everyone votes on a possible culprit!

Once a player is picked to be lynched, the clock stops as the trial's defense phase starts!  The defendant will explain themselves and present their story, as everyone else votes if they're innocent or guilty!  If the majority voted guilty, the defendant will be face-to-face with a noose and the trial will instantly end.  If they're determined innocent, the clock will start ticking again, and the trial will re-enter the voting phase so everyone can vote on a different suspect.  This will go on until either time runs out, or a "guilty" verdict is finally reached...

After the trial people have one more minute to walk back to their houses are search for more clues, and then night falls.  Nighttime is shorter than daytime, at 3 minutes, during which you have to rest in a room - if you don't, you'll be drowsy during daytime.  You have a set amount of time to run back indoors, which varies between roles: for most it'll be 1 minute, while the mafia and Nightwatch can stay up all night long.

At night, everyone will appear anonymous to each other, their avatars being fully black silhouettes. If people try to speak, their name will appear “Unknown (1) says, ‘hey man whats good’.”, where (1) is their unique character ID set at round start.




Sleep is very important - if you don’t get enough of it at night, you'll be "drowsy" when dawn strikes, which earns you a mess of handicaps until you enter trial.  You will have extreme difficulty talking to people and examining anything, and will show up to the trial 30 seconds late, where the effect wares off. However, it's easy to avoid: simply go to a room (preferably your own) before your timer runs out, and make sure not to go back outside.

Even though you’re stuck indoors, you can still look outside through the windows, and walk around the house to making sure nobody is coming.  You CAN go outside, but you'll then have to deal with the consequences of that.  It’s a fine balance between resting through some nights and running outside other nights.


Standard consists of the following:
Town Investigative x2
Town Protective
Town Killing
Town Support
Random Town x3
Random Mafia x2
Independent Evil
Independent Chaos

All-Inclusive consists of the following:
Random Town 6x
Random Mafia 3x
Random Independent 3x
Any Role


* means inactive contributor (Thanks for helping me guys!)

Blank Media Games, for the idea and creation of Town of Salem.

Ramp / rggbnnnnn, for coding and helping design the gamemode.

Jack Noir / Crystalwarrior, for coding and helping design the gamemode, and initially proposing the idea.*

Caden100 / Cadlage, for helping design a bit of the gamemode.*

Navar0nius / Cybertails1998, for helping design a bit of the gamemode and massively cleaning up the OP.*

Demian, for editing the Blockheads Ruin Xmas map into Summer Blocktown.

Sumz & Hamburger, for building the Blockheads Ruin Xmas map
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Rules (To Be Adjusted)


Spamming: Warn > Mute 10 minutes > Ban for 1 hour
Accidental teamkill: Warn > Banned for 1 hour
Advertising other servers: Warn > Kick > Ban 3 hours
Being toxic/disrespectful: Warn > Mute 10 minutes > Ban for 3 hours


Giving out illegal links: Banned for 1 week
Ban evasion: Banned additional 1 week both users
Intentional teamkill: Banned for 1 day > Banned for 2 weeks
Constant minor offenses: Banned for 4 weeks
Attempting a DDoS attack: Permaban
Hacking: Permaban

This project has been off and on since summer of 2016. Since then, I've stopped relying on other's generosity for getting projects done, and I've sat down to properly learn how to use TorqueScript. With that said, Blockland has left my mind in recent months. Despite my time with the game, I've still never made a gamemode from scratch, instead hacking together servers with various add-ons and copy-pasted code. While resource scripts are allowed (such as daycycles.cs), I am going to try and roll my own this time around. I hope you guys enjoy what comes out of this. It's been a hell of a ride. This project hasn't left my mind since its conception began, and it'll be nice to finally make it a reality.
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