Author Topic: 1000 ways to die  (Read 2806 times)

(1): Go to Wendys and ask for the Fortnite Burger

(2): Be Unfunny and get shot
(3): Insult Lord Tony and get stabbed (By me)
(4): Jump off a building
(5): Shoot Yourself
(6): Drown after your grandpa yeets you into the pool

(7): contract gum brain from datiel

(8): sign up on the blf

9 - eat too much ass and choke
10 - binge watch The Simpsons and starve to death in the process

(13): Eating nails for breakfast

(14): drinking my special arsenic coffee

(15): Attempting to troll a Family RP host.

(16): Going to the farlands.

19. Death due to the effects of Radiation exposure

21. attempt to overthrow government