Author Topic: RIP Stefán Stefánsson  (Read 1725 times)

this lowkey ruined my day singlehandedly

may this glorious mfer rest in peace, always #1  :panda:

:( he held out as long as he could

this is one of the worst things that has ever happened in this decade

I remember when he thanked his meme-friends for all the help and support prior to his surgery

I wish people could just find a cure for cancer already so that it can stop taking away so many lives :panda:

2018 has been ass so far. first big brother now this.

stefan karl has lost the long battle against cancer;
but we will still remember him as the magnificent robbie rotten...

the dream team's going to miss him hard.


rest in peace, #1 meme lord

sadder death: stephen hawking or stefan stefannson

sadder death: stephen hawking or stefan stefannson
stephen hawking aint dead like brother just turn it off and back on again

hawking had it coming he was in his 70s