Author Topic: Dark Fantasy Medieval RPG - open beta  (Read 9388 times)

    Required Download:
    Put this zip into your Blockland add-on folder.

    Optional Download:
    Unzip the file, drag and drop Fiddums Family and Double Feature into C:\Windows\Fonts.

    Recommended Settings:
    • Enable texture downloading
    • Enable sound downloading.
    • Enable music downloading.
    • Minimum or higher shader settings is highly recommended.

    Status: Beta

    That's right this long ass to build medieval RPG is finally open.

    Please be aware that as you beta test this RPG it is not the final product. It will change overtime. 

    I guess you can call this an "RPG." There will be player towns ("safe" zones) where players can RP in. However outside of RP towns it is basically a free for all survival. Similar to the wilderness in Runescape except 95% of the map is the wild.

    I only use default colorset and bricks (except for props)

    Planned features:
    • Player owned housing
    • Progression
    • Lore
    • RP towns
    • Bosses
    • Dungeons
    • Tasks/jobs
    • Loot system/Loot chests
    • Money system
    • Ambience for environments
    • AI antagonists
    • Parkour exploration
    • RP chat
    • Fishing - If someone can make me a fishing pole that has a rodhitevent to activate with bots

    How you can help:
    • Play around the build reporting issues
    • Constructive criticism is appreciated
    • If you know anything about VCE I could really use your help on events
    • Decent builders are always welcome
    • I need people that can make add-ons or fix existing add-ons
    • I need experts dealing with making prints/decals/etc
    • I need someone that can fix my armor script

    Known Issues:

    • Consistent console spam from dueling swords.
    • Normal player persistence doesn't work with slayer.
    • Slayer does not save player persistence for teams, you won't join the same team you were last in when you rejoin.
    • bots deal zero damage with conan's dueling swords.

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    • Myself - The entire map + castle
    • Hairspray Queen - The giant Lord Tony statue
    • Kobble - a few houses

    I'm obviously missing a few people so don't forget to remind me who you are.
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    Yay finally. Been waiting for this forever.

    Too bad player persistence isn't working.

    It saves the information in the persistence folder but doesn't load it.

    Now if only someone can tell me why player persistence doesn't work.

    this build is awesome, I really enjoy that you used mostly default bricks but included some custom ones to fill out peripheral needs like levers and props. it actually looks like a LEGO build was blown up into a huge landscape. good luck resolving the add-on glitches, although I think in the end you might be better off ditching the problematic add-ons.

    I think in the end you might be better off ditching the problematic add-ons.

    I tried player persistence with a fresh blockland install and it still doesn't work for minigames.

    So I guess that's normal then?

    I don't know what to do.

    Any decent pickaxe mods with custom events?

    server is up, still working out the bugs.

    Biggest issue so far is no progression as said by other players.

    I can't fix this until I get proper player persistence.

    in the meantime I will be making a bank so people can save/load their money at least.

    This will hold until I get PP to work