Author Topic: think of a liquid before coming in here  (Read 4456 times)


america is hunting me down.

Mercury at the width of 2mm, at the muzzle velocity of 500mph.

Probably could cut a car in half.

Grape Kool-Aid.
Wait, does that count?

Great, now I can shoot blood at people.
Blood donations?

propane is a liquid but it comes out as a gas.

well as long as i have full control over when and how i can spray it, im cool w/ it
question though: is this water just coming in infinite supply out of nowhere, or does it have a source of origin.

clorox bleach for eye-clearing purposes


Oh god there's blood everywhere and I just keep shooting out blood this is awful aaaaaaaaaaa

i thought of liquid nitrogen

i can co2 my bike tires without paying for cartridges ever again wooooo