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After being a bit frustrated with how diverse and lost some add-ons are due to RTB shutting down and other add-ons being failed on RTB having no actual place to be held, I've decided to make a massive complete collection of them.
It has 7903 add-ons and is going to grow in the future. We've gotten in contact with some people, dug up many old download links and now it's all in a single page for easy searching.

It's definitely not actually a 'complete' collection, and that's where you come in - If you have a large add-on collection, get in contact with me! I'm glad to take your add-on folders, figure out duplicate items, date them correctly and add them to the collection.

I SHOULD MENTION none of these addons have been filtered out for quality. every add-on has been included for archival - don't complain to me if an addon doesn't work or confuses you. there's many addons that dont work in v21 or are just made really badly.

The rest of the archive, including saves, screenshots and more!

also, you can join the Blockland Content Archival Discord if you want to help out in discovering old Blockland lost content:

Datiel12 ²:

Cowboy Dude:
You can add Tophius's Dragon to the list.

Insert Name Here²:
I posted in the Discord about the Vehicle_Cessna and Vehicle_Ultralight aircraft since these both are legit almost impossible to even see in the game let alone get a zip of them

Very nice. Think I have a few things can contribute.


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