Author Topic: [Tool] SuperCut Launcher (XYZ Scaling + Fill Bricks)  (Read 2053 times)

I’ll add that
you'll literally just be adding something another add-on already has. this add-on doesn't have fillbrick so you'd require both tools incase of a mistake, so it's just be easier to use the duplicator

We gonna need a super fuse launcher next or something.

Cutting bricks into tiny pieces adds a stuffload of bricks.

If only we can fuse the tny bricks to use the biggest bricks possible.

New update:
Added XYZ scaling. You can scale your supercut/fillbrick with the shift brick keys

Added fillbrick. Press Plant Brick to enable. Permission preference is $Server::Pref::SCL::FillBricks
Updated UI to make it look cooler

Link has been updated. Re-download if you have an older version.

I have also summited this addon to glass so hopefully there aren’t a bunch of different versions out there.

the download page is just a 404

what does fill bricks do
when youdo the command, it'll fill the cubic space w/ bricks (largest then it'll fill w/ smallest)