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LOL who gives a forget about battlefield? Coke apple and Microsoft stocks all go up every time they do a LGBT event. Battlefield is filled with grudgey conservative neckbeards who climb trees and bug adult swim for their own shows

Rember how black votes used to be worth 3/5ths of a white vote? The Californian Democrat vote is worth 1/4th the wyomig Republican vote

how does it not apply when there are Democrat votes that are worth a fourth of a republican vote? I guess it seems perfectly fair to republican eyes

The opinion that Hillary should've won is too popular... We can't allow that... Their opinions must be rendered worthless...... Time to use the electoral golleges

Yes it shows that pandering to people who have more valuable votes is the path to victory. Only democracies base their vote off of popular opinion... weirdos

Looks like he's still upset that Hillary lost... So sad

I like how you care so much about 'representing the people's even though your system means that a larger percentage of people will end up being unrepresented simply because they are the majority, which is contradictory to the foundation of fair voting. Under your system a minority group of 25% of the population that supports the execution of infants could be represented over the 75% that doesn't but i guess that's fair representation because no mobrules allowed!!!!

Tony in your spare time you Lynch black people and throw acid at Muslims... Look I can slanderize too

It really happened! He was so owned he had to close his whole tinythread down... I don't know why he was so upset about Hillary losing or why Democrats have less voting power but we'll never know;u=154742

tony, sometimes its okay to be wrong about something, you need to realize that.

You're just jealous because you're not as woke as he is

oh god you've done it now
im gonna leave before this stuffstorm really ensues

yet ur the one who pussied out and locked ur threads..................

perry is my dad and i say forget you

perry is my mom and i say go to hell

oh god you've done it now
im gonna leave before this stuffstorm really ensues
how about you leave the forums you brain-melted loving retarad

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literally just stop

i cannot make it more clear than that

just stop and think before you post man

also have you ever considered that politics have no place in day to day interactions

this seems to be like common sense that has been lost in the past few years, just don't talk about politics because when you talk about something people are violently passionate about for no real reason you're inviting conflict

it's like religion, just don't bring it up if you want things to be chill

it's clear from shacker's thread alone that he wants to invite conflict, zeustal.  the news threads of pointless things, locking topics if they don't go his way, tinythreads, purposeful inconsistency, harassing other users so he can call them hypocrites...

i'd give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's just that unwell in the head that he can't help but attack and be a pain in the ass every way he could possibly conceive from the most mundane subtleties to the most blatant baiting and harassment, but it's been at least ten years since he first started posting on this forum, and his facade has been steadily cracking open the more he interacts with other people.  there couldn't possibly be any less doubt in the world at this point that tony has been intentionally trolling from the start -- from the harassment that started the MLP executive order all the way to the tinythreads.

Troll mode: on
Tree: climbed
Thread: tiny
Yep, it's Tony time