Author Topic: Grammar national socialists: How far would they take a grammatical error?  (Read 9471 times)

Grammar national socialists seem to love ruining threads.

Like I get it, I made a typo by accident. However we all know I meant Nike, not Nika.

If you had common sense you would know that I meant Nike. I don't understand why you want to completely derail and destroy a thread over one little letter.

what is nika

do you mean nike

what's good my nika

im not joking what the forget is nika

shut up nika

im not, im asking what nika is, i looked it up and nothing came up

do you mean nike or not man, why do you always have to make this into some dramay bullstuff

So, whats "nika" again?

tribal slang is not tolerated on Blockland Forums. For now, consider this a warning. Repeated offenses will be punished accordingly.


I dont know what it is.
You wrote it, what is it?

I can only assume you meant "Nike", the brand. But I don't know if that's some kind of slang for whatever happened, and the cleverness (if there even is any) is lost on me. Are you trying to start racial tension or something with it? Was it a typo? Will you even answer any of these legitimate questions without spam posting your typical responce?

Because it could have meant something? With you, we never know.
Either way, at least we know it was a typo after a few pages of misdirection.

Im also pretty sure you can edit the topic title if you want to avoid this.

whats your loving problem tony im not derailing your thread im asking you a question and you're derailing the thread by trying to avoid answering it, if anyone here wants to derail their threads it's you and your inability to answer a straight forward question or to take something without getting all dramatic about it

/support i hate them too king tiny

why do you keep making pointless dramas

Like I get it, I made a typo by accident. However we all know I meant Nike, not Nika.
i didnt, initially

i didnt, initially

But you did understand it was a typo eventually, right?

I didn't see you endlessly harping over the typo "nika" over there.

Tony is dogging you guys.

But you did understand it was a typo eventually, right?
yeah after everybody made fun of it LOL

Tony never clarified it was a typo and made a big deal out of anybody mentioning to start stuff. When that typo became the focus of the thread, he wanted to continue this by making a drama thread about the reactions of the typo.

The OT was probably meant to be serious but I'm guessing when he noticed the typo he ran with it.

it's all a conspiracy guys

made a big deal

I'm not the one who made the big deal out of the typo.

It's already humiliating to make a typo but they want to further humiliate me even further by demanding I answer their dumb questions even though I am not obligated to.

You're right. Everybody else did. You never clarified it because people would be confused. Which lead you to lock the thread and direct the people making the typos to this thread.