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Author Topic: nix's poke bullstuff + game  (Read 5513 times)

hi im making a funny rom hack based on the forum, with mons either made by me or made by the community
there's a discord server for it if you want to be a part of it (or just want to watch + play it in development) so shoot me a dm if u want in

hi im just gonna dump sprites and stuff here so i dont spam up the other threads (and also organization)
i'm trying to make a fakedex of 151 mons
its clearly unfinished because im still working on it, i'll add more mons as i do them

front sprites (in order)

back sprites (in order) (i know theres not many but these arent fun to draw)

icons (in order) (background is their type combination)

now u may be wondering: "yo nix u are missing a backsprite for this mon where is it" that's just because i haven't drawn it yet, i always draw the front sprite and then move on to the other sprites

suggest funnies
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these are all very gud boys and girls

this post is reserved for memes

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I require an answer to this very serious question

answer:              yeaa

Finally, some good loving food

i like donisaurs

looks more like it would fit in rivals of aether with that shading, but still good

i think i went a bit overboard with the saturation, ill probably tone it down in the sprite

* googles how to draw sugi style *
oh cool

i didnt design this boy but i like him so i sprited him

wouldnt it be cool if there was a pkmn game based off of the forums