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Author Topic: nix's poke bullstuff + game  (Read 5728 times)

Toilet spider looking like a Tachikoma with eyes

Also, what's up with the double types like Grease/Grease?

its a thing
things with 2 of the same type are just that type (ex normal/normal is just normal)

i worded that horribly
the preset im using for the boxes uses 2 type boxes and im too lazy to edit it to only have 1 lol

until further notice im not posting any updates to the dex bc i dont want my stuff getting stolen

i upload a update. next update will be watermarked

[ x] = will be redrawn in the future
concepts (click 2 expand):

actual game stuff:

misc trash:

this stupid stuff took me way too long to make

please stop stealing my stuff

I actually haven't recognized any pokemon past Black and White.....

they aren't real pokemon lol