Author Topic: Tre5or Noah + battlefield = more lost sales.  (Read 533 times)

Battlefield 5 is not doing so well guys.

1 armed women on the front lines of WW2.

"If you don't like the game don't buy it, you racist"

White man is censored.

poor pre-order sales

Releasing around the same time as Red Dead Redemption 2.

tre5or noah

I'm assuming you guys didn't actually watch the video and assumed I made a typo so you came in here to stuff on my topic over said typo.

When infact his name really is pronounced tre5or noah. If you watched the video you would know this.

I didn't assume it was a typo it just looks funny

hello friends eeim tre5or noah im pro at blocklad dogfights pease friend me on steam many thankse

Trevor Noah is such an insufferable prick

The o in my name is really a zero. Lzerord Tzerony

unless its the norwegian/danish letter then it makes a sound more like eur

lurd turny

Without Trump jokes to work with, Trevor Noah has like no material.