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SomeMods 5 is a modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2, which focuses on having several different popular mods that people are able to enjoy, yet being much less demanding on hardware than a typical large modpack with 100+ mods. The mods range in genre, from tech mods such as Thermal Expansion and Ender IO, to magic mods such as Botania and Thaumcraft, as well as several others.

1. Download and configure the MultiMC launcher.
2. Select the "Add Instance" button, and chose "Import from zip".
3. Select the modpack .zip (download below), and allow MultiMC to import the file.
4. Click "Launch" and enjoy!
NOTE: At least 2GB of RAM must be allocated for the pack to run. However, it is recommended to allocate more RAM (4GB at the most), as 2GB may not be ideal and the game will use well over 2GB of RAM due to how Java functions.

Download V1.2!948WWSxJ!ecs3PUc_ShFziDuI-NWEAJ2ccyvPJWsUMDV7S5Ih1og

Server Rules
1. Don't be a richard.
2. Don't spam.
3. Use common sense.
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i have 56 mb of ram will i run

please fix server, thanks
seems like the server hanged for some reason, im restarting it now