Author Topic: Freak Out The Cashier at Walmart  (Read 2017 times)

You're at walmart and you can only buy 3 things, no more, no less.
What things do you buy to freak out the cashier?

Examples: Climbing rope, plastic chair, camera. / Knife, cleaning cloth, shovel

2 extra large carrots and a two-liter coke bottle

duct tape, lube, hot pockets

bucket, plastic straws, knife

bleach, ammonia, balloons

a gun a duffel bag and a ski mask

Pizza dough, tomato sauce, pineapple chunks.

suck his long throbbing prolapse

Coathangers, Lube & and a copy of peppa pig.

BBQ sauce, a Frozen colouring book, and ibuprofen.

plush of bart simpson, candles, prayer mat

Frozen pizza, frozen pasta, big plastic box.

a lamp, moth traps and Cajun seasoning

Cake Batter, Rat Poison, Happy Birthday Dad Card