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King Tøny:
All of this is made out of modter. It is not a static shape or interior map.

I took a break from my medieval RPG to spend the whole day figuring out how to package gamemodes instead and I finally got around to finishing my toystore map which I have to give thanks to Kobble for having the patience with helping me figure out how to package a gamemode.

I tried keeping the gamemode mostly default with some additional add-ons. You can easily add more add-ons if you want. I put in some classics in there though to get people in that nostalgia v9 mood.

You can build in the map just like a normal modter map.

I left some open spaces for people to build in.

I have plans for different map variants like a more empty version and some holiday themes.


By default my map uses my anti-glow modter prints. So if you want to use default modter prints please rename ADDON Print_ModTer_fix to ADDON Print_ModTer_default

Also I use Modter_bedroom prints so make sure to download that as well.

Modter anti-glow prints

Modter bedroom prints

I gotta give credit to the people who helped out with the build.

Unfortunately this project started a long time ago so I don't remember most of the people. If you recognize a build built by someone please let me know so I can add credit.

I built the entire store and a stuffload of toys.

Modman helped out with some toby builds.

And whomever helped, most of them put their ID on the build they made.

King Tøny:

So no big  deal but players are able to build on empty spaces of modter ramps.

So this isn't an issue unless you do not want bricks to appear floating on ramps.

Modter restriction seems to be broken.

why is the toilet dirty :(

this is rly neat thank u

--- Quote from: Drydess on October 12, 2018, 08:16:32 PM ---why is the toilet dirty :(

--- End quote ---
don't go in there or urine trouble!!

King Tøny:
is it possible to package prints in gamemodes?

Also is there a way to disable fake kill to public bricks not in a gamemode?


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