Author Topic: 2018/10/20 - Blockland r1991-r1997  (Read 54528 times)

also you can delete your messages in development apparently too
@Badspot pls fix

Also fix being able to edit polls in Drama and not being able to edit polls outside of Drama


EDIT: oh cool you fixed the crash

yo sick haha

Why is that even a thing? Why would any SMF message board want their members being able to remove their posts?

On an unrelated note, i made a thing:
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I'm not sure if it's me or not but people are telling me item icons are no longer properly downloading.

Even default icons for default bricks don't show up.

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Yeah apparently I broke everything, reverted back to r1992

Cool icons and whatever are working now.

I was going crazy because I thought the add-on I was working on broke everything but then I noticed blockland literally updated a couple minutes ago.

So I wasn't sure if it was me or not.

bad spot can we get more piant can effects plz

bad spot can we get more piant can effects plz
Corruption paint FX, causes brick quads to glitch and distort

Oh hey, you can't delete posts here anymore, thanks, Badspot! Did you fix the poll situation though?
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