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welcome to my comic i have big promblem someone name CaCa he call me your a meany and a jerk what the heck what wrong with him i ask my friends i fix it promblem. you love my comic
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comic cool you. can you ma.k 1 on 6/5/2019?????

welcome to my comic i make comic to my friends you love it

hehe lol just kidding welcome my comic new update mr.cherrycola said stop creephile i said wtf what wrong with you i not bully you we love Sugar  we love Sugar comic i.m joker from persona 5 is Sugar id 34476 p,s, you have great day #We Love Sugar Comic

Welcome my comic you have summer break

Thank you Sugar, very cool!

welcome my comic back you love my comic you have summer break news in discord  with Sugar as Joker from persona 5 news say wow she hate me and she think i bully her? but she bully me. user discord of kai friend i.m Sugar here your news on update of my discord you have fun of blockland commuity you have summer break we love comic Sugar p.s. my name is Sugar id 34476 as joker from persona 5

welcome back my comic 4 new update for my discord who to hell is grander and lunar and kai and satan and akura you see me in new year 2020 YAY i post comic on 6/21/2019