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dude sugar, i will need talk to you to tell you friend.

dude sugar, i will need talk to you to tell you friend.

welcome back my new comic v4 on friday 3:30pm est today what you fav of my comic

Sugar can you say “fuzztoast don’t bully me and very cool and not haras me”

a comic portraying sugar and fuzztoast

it means ur a poopie head
when even sugar doesnt like ur horsestuff

i not my comic it was my discord next week on monday 5/27/2019

welcome back  my comic next news on my discord guy name hideki. you have good day guy hideki.#2203 is mean at me   i.m real Sugar go away hideki. nobody like you
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welcome my comic back news on my dicord find you know nothing jon snow#1052 I.m real Sugar you not being rude and mean at me you it your fault nobody like you you know thing jon snow Joker from Persona 5#2389
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welcome back my comic happy memorial day #welove Sugar comic thank all you like my comic next month i make a discord server name is sugar comic 4 give this link i think on 6/1/2019

sugr i hav good comeic 4 u
wat.png good image

we said Yeah Sugar we your comic  dear akura and phoenixness i.m sorry at you we be friends again alawyyou like me

sugar did u make that its rlly good