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first some screenies i took to set the mood:

good? good.

So me and blockalpha have been working on this super secret boi for a while and by that i mean since like the 2nd semester of my sophmore year in HS and now its my 1st semester as a sophmore at college whoa. he did all the fancy playertype and vehicle and code-y stuff. i build. yeah.

it was intended to follow old JP stuff, aka pre-jurassic world. indom is included only because blockalpha decided to make it for funsies, but it doesnt have a cloaking ability (jw fanboys rekt)

it was supposed to be a big neat hunting rpg thing then a tdm thingy for a bit then a survival RP thing like zombies in the bluzone but none of those ever happened and the map is big, but still unfinished. ill probably release it at some point. for now yall can just have the meat an potatoes aka the actual add-ons including bots, the jeep vehicle/train, prints, music, sounds, and items.

so lets get on with that:

^ this one requires some explanation. in the old JP canon carnotaurus could camouflage like a chameleon (ik they dont actually change colors to camo but u know what i mean)

^ ankylosaurus does this too

^ is a train so it can follow tracks like in the movie

diloph also has a special spit weapon that is largely made from the magic_darkness weapon, but they are compatible so dont worry

oh also the allosaurus can dash like the tracer playertype. there are 2 variants, one that dashes with right mouse, and bites with left. the other does both with left mouse. i think its a bug and it was supposed to be a non-dashing variant. allosauruses in general arent very dashing tbh big ugly bois. cerato is cooler. play cerato.

The brachiosaurus has a stomp attack but its kinda hard to aim.

many of the dinos (namely the carnivores) have sit animations that look like they are about to ambush/pounce. especially the dilo, who's pounce animation also makes it look like it really wants some pets:

that's a good boy.

another thing is that they have different movement speeds. On some dinos, shift will make you sprint, and others it makes walk.

theres also music included along with sounds. the music is the JP theme obviously and then 2 jungle ambiances that were meant for the map, but are included anyway. yay.

theres also a night vision goggle item but it requires environment zones to work so uh should probably get that.

also dinos cant pick up items. i mean, they're animals. why would they. u also cannot drop dino attacks like dilo spit and stego tail swipe once aquired, because they are a part of you. blockalpha could probably change that rly easily tho but idk how code works

oh you want the download? sheesh. just for that, im gonna upload it to mediafire only. just kidding you get dropbox instead

required addons: and

note: dont enabled phydeux's lego dino bot holes with these dinos, they will conflict. also there were some jurassic park decals originally in the pack but they didnt work so i removed them. blockalpha will prob fix them soon. the pack also includes some neato stuff that was intended for the map like falosaur's foliage bricks, christbot6's train mod (which is required) and peggworth the pirate's footsteps. if u dont want them u can just delete em, except for train mod which the JP jeep needs.

meh ill just release my map now:


- only the host can see the animations on the pteranadons, most likely cuz of a typo in the code. they are included anyway for anyone who wants to see them/look at the code
- hitting things other than normal players with dilo spit will make their playertype turn human for the duration of the blinding period, thats just how magic_darkness works :(
- dinos cause crashes every now and then

edit: o i forgot dilo spit weapon lolol
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looks forgetin nuts dude, keep up the work

Holy stuff this looks e mazing

That's funny because I was literally looking for the old dinosaur pack.

Now I have to ask, does your dinos have foot step sounds?

I was about to add footstep sound effects to the old t rex.

That's funny because I was literally looking for the old dinosaur pack.

Now I have to ask, does your dinos have foot step sounds?

I was about to add footstep sound effects to the old t rex.
nop, they dont have any footsounds

This is really good!
Awesome models

Jfc I remember these sooooooo goood. Thank you guys for releasing these. Might have to hop back on the game for some dino themed stuff.

Well, now Blockassic Park is possible. Thank you for releasing this stuff. These are too incredible to be locked away forever.

:o i love it
o dang didn't see u posted this minutes before i said this lol
this is vry cool well done <3

Damn this is some high quality work, awesome stuff

reeee real dinosaurs had feathers

No japes, these look like they took a lot of time. They look so loving good

This is ridiculously high quality, amazing! Seems like an incredible amount of work went into this.