if you do play, which server do you hang out on so I can find you and force feed you shoes

tgstation (best option)
8 (36.4%)
paradise (no son of mine goes on here smh)
1 (4.5%)
the citadel (uwu *consumes gravel and glass shards*)
3 (13.6%)
goonstation (decent)
4 (18.2%)
hippiestation (semi-decent)
1 (4.5%)
TIKISTATION (chad option)
5 (22.7%)

Total Members Voted: 22

Author Topic: space station 13 megathread  (Read 1082 times)

the theme music is from robocop on gb and c64

I guess this is now the new space station 13 megathread

i enjoy playing as a bartender
a client asked if he could use my gun and i refused and then he threw a bottle on me and punched the stuff out of me
the cook kidnapped my monkey pun pun and turned it into meat

our station last night lasted about 15 minutes before nuke ops blew it up to hell and their borg killed anyone who survived


i think this is relevant

my first traitor greentext too