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1. Make False Arrest only apply if you hit an innocent player(s) numerous times within a certain time limit. There's always the common noob who loves to cast ball/fireball or shoot Exploding Bolts in Port Town to cause people lag, and the only way to get them to stop is stun them even if they don't have demerits.

2. Why can't you get the stuff in the Marshal's Cage?


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1.  a better solution would be to make firing explosives in town a crime.  allowing the police to club innocent people is too abusable.  Oh and if exploding bolts cause you lag (low frame rate), then you need a new video card. 

2. The stuff in the marshal's cage is police issue only.  But i havent worked out how to issue it yet.  The logical answer is you cant get it because it's in the cage

Good enough for me. There's no good reason to cast explosives (ball/fireball) in towns. The only times that I've ever casted ball in town was to jump really high or to push away someone who was casting ball on me.

I'd say 5 demerits per explosive is good. This means that if a player casts ball 12 times in town they'll have 60 demerits. The only reason someone would cast ball that many times in a town would be to annoy people. To those of you who don't know, if you have 60 demerits you can (and probably will be) be arrested.

Don't make firing balls in town a crime, sometimes they are needed to get you unstuck from things.

Like the chimney on top of the BlackSmith shop.

I want cops to quit beating criminals in jail just becuase they are "bored".

Something or other about the Geneva Convention...

I got a quick suggestion, how about a seperate town that is like a black market sort of place. Where criminals can find sanctuary, and maybe cops have a harder time capturing people in this place. Not sure how to go about that though, I just think there needs to be a way to even out things for cops and criminals.

Like the chimney on top of the BlackSmith shop.
Why would you go in the chimney in the first place?

And why not just Self Delete?

You would leave cash in the chimney and someone else would see it and try and get it...

Yeah, a criminal's town would be cool, although thats what I use Starboard Town for. Selling poisoned darts or some other stuff there would be cool.

Well anyway, the demerits you gain from casting ball shouldn't be that steep since it's not that terrible of a crime. No one's going to STOP you from casting ball unless you cast it too much.

Yeah, like 1 demerit for every 50 casts. Its my favorite spell. I could jsut stand outside of Port Town and fire in anyway...

I think a better solution would severely drop the magic recharge rate, and make a seperate potion you drink for it. I'd like that...

 i think the best solution when dealing with the people who do overuse ball is....

It's not that big of a deal. Sure you have the occasional idiot who causes some lag or annoys people in town, but the average person will stop after being killed a couple of times. besides, its fun to wait for some noob to spend 15 minutes getting to the top of  the tall building (warehouse?) only to knock them off... suckers.

People keept trying to knock me off the buildings when I climbed up.

Then I walked out on the rope, and used /sit and /cast ball, which resaulted in a strange glitch where I remained sitting, and people couldn't see me firing at them. So I sat on the rope and fired straight down at them when they walked by.