Author Topic: Forum Karma  (Read 490 times)

I've never seen it in use on a forum, though I know it comes with smf by default.

Why doesn't this forum have it enabled?

this entire forum is bad karma

what is it?

like reddit karma? forget that, the voting system on reddit favours fake, homogeneous discussions, where everyone jerks each other off on how right they are

i have seen it on forums like this and everyone will have minus karma its a completely useless feature outside of problemsolving forums like stackoverflow

I mean it could be okay but this forum is cliquey by nature so im gonna go ahead and say no thanks

So we can all circlejerk over each others' posts? Yeah no

This forum is already riddled with ad hominem attacks.

Now we gonna get negative karma because of ad hominem.

And now people are gonna ad hominem based on our karma.