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Author Topic: Kore & Xotichl's Christmas Blockparty[TREE COMPETITION BEGINS]  (Read 1332 times)

The Christmas Blockparty is back this year with a new hosting-partner!
Come online to spread the cheer for this Christmas and build something great!

The server is now Open
It will close one week after Christmas Day



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too bad game fanbase is basically ded

I wonder how this will turn out

Music Loop Wishlist

As there are only 7 days till the opening of the server I think it's time for people to suggest what songs they'd like to have in the server!

The current songs are

Suggest what you'd like to be looped and put in the server (preferably nothing super new or pop-ish)
I will probably only accept 3 - 4 or so of the requests so make them good pickings :)

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frosty the snow Man
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Alright boys lets move out we got some christmas stuff to do