Author Topic: stupid stuff you used to think as a newbie  (Read 1182 times)

Relay events still kinda confuse me to this day - always gotta ask around for help with em'
they are quite simple really. say you want a brick to play a sound every 5 seconds or so, you'd do the following events

Code: [Select]
onRelay>Self(or named brick)>playSound>Sound


onRelay>Self>fireRelay (set this one to 5000 for delay)

you can do this with any event, just replace playsound with whatever you want. it doesnt have to be just one event, it could do multiple things at the same time every relay

i also thought that seteventenabled events were useless

thought ppl were impressed when i planted a setplayerscale brick

i used to think timescale was done through cheat engine which is why i still have cheat engine on my computer
dirty hacker, i've already reported you to the police

I didn't make backup saves and paid for it.

i was astonished when i found out how to get addons

i cant remember anything but thats probably because i was so retarded my brain erased it

i used to think that if your server didnt have add-ons that you were a loser.
i also used to think family rps were cool.
i was a dumb loving kid

Back in earlier BL days, you didn't download models for addons you didn't have. Say the host has a private weapon set, all the weapons would look like recolored default items to you
I remember throwing green printers as grenades.