Author Topic: Tip, also known as IceFreeze, was mass pinging  (Read 1273 times)

Tip, also known as IceFreeze, was mass pinging yesterday in the Blockland Glass General Discussion. I told Jincux about this, which led to IceFreeze being barred from the chat. Today, when I joined lovey Arcanine's Prison Escape, Tip perma banned me for "snitching on him"

I would advise that you do not make him an admin.
Also, he was caught spamming gore on a server about a week ago as well...

image 1

Too bad I can't edit my messages to add stuff in. But Tip/.22Rain/Icefreeze is a known starfish in the community. Maybe in any community too.

Were you able to see the images in the comments, Drydess?

another img

mr. bi polar back at it again

i could've sworn he was banned on glass chat

I cant be any less surprised that Icefreeze is acting like a degenerate yet again

yea i got banned from this jail escape server that icefreeze was sa on today

im assuming its the same server you were banned from