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This gamemode is a pre-made and configured TDM server for anyone to host. Go forth into the temple! Play with your team and get rich quick to win.The first team to acquire 8000 gold in their bank is the victor. Collect and even steal from the enemy bank to make ends meet. Killing a player forces them to drop their loot. Use points from kills to buy a class upgrade. Classes last one life. Gems respawn over time. Check out the original thread here -


  • Free and Purchasable classes
  • Gold and gems of different values to collect
  • Steal from the enemy
  • Scenic and atmospheric map to play on
  • Custom weapons made for Treasure TDM
  • Custom Loading Screen


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ooo, sounds neat, i'll have to try it out when i get a chance

the darker dark bright did it again

ah it's this, nice that you're releasing it. It's a fun gm.

i'm the one guy that helped with terrain, for no reason but yeah.

this looks pretty coolio good job