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I don't know how anyone could script this thing to work like the real thing, but at least it looks good.

I've already tested it ingame... It may be a little big...

should fix the normals inside the barrels

you'll also have to scale down the model probably, unless you dont mind it being so large. next time you can scale your model while modeling it to this reference object (import it into your file with File > Import > .obj)

Well it's a battleship turret and those things can be pretty darn huge ya know.

ok this is unironically epic

Those two photos at the bottom of my original post actually show a previous model I had made more than a month ago. The blender photos show a newer model that I made after I realized the old one was absolute trash. I made sure the normals in the barrel were fixed this time, as well as a few more things. I removed the riveting since I wasn't happy with the way it looked, and I also removed the two railings on the top. I will post images of the improved model ingame soon.


While messing around with the model, I got two excellent perspective screenshots.


I tried it out ingame. I think it needs to be scaled down, but I just can't help but love it when it's this size.

you could just make it smaller and scale it up with setPlayerScale events, so that its usable in more situations....

I can only imagine how big and powerful the shells it fires will be.

a giant turret that lobs giant explosive shells

if you've ever been on a DM server with Grenadespammer this should not surprise you in the slightest.

I'm planning on making something more than just a turret.
I'm trying to learn basic scripting so I can see if getting the thing working properly is even possible. It might have a HUD like a Stratofortress vehicle, or something like that. The operator should be able to choose the angle of each gun, and which guns fire. (Example: the occupant sets gun 1 to 15 degrees, gun 2 at 30 degrees, and gun 3 at 45 degrees. He then fires gun 1 fires first, then gun 3, then gun 2).