Author Topic: [fake news] Annoying Orange blames the forest mismanagement! So misleading so sad of Annoying Orange  (Read 290 times)

Scientists claim dead trees will catch on fire.

Forest management doesn't want the deforestation of dead trees because orange man bad.

trees catch on fire

Annoying Orange blames forest management.

orange man bad and is making up lies.

we should just rake the forests out

vote to build a wall around all forests

vote to build a wall around all forests

but this time we will actually get funding!!

tony you can't just cut down every tree that's dead you need bermission first

You would think with all the global warming they'd be more concerned about dead trees fueling the inevitable fires

iirc the state itself only owns 6% of the forest in the state, the federal owns 60%, and the rest is private property. Shouldn't the responsibility fall more on the federal government to prevent wildfires?