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A new multiplayer co-op zombie survival game, coming soon.

The aim is to survive. You cannot do this alone because lots of times you are pinned down / lying down / cant see / getting hung from a giant tongue.

A new 'director' system controls all. If you haven't seen any zombies in a while, he'll spawn some near you. Afterwards, he'll see how it affected you and spawn more. This has been balanced so you barely win, meaning every player, even those FPS CS geeks, have to really push themselves to survive.

Yay new section!  Discuss.

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

I cannot wait for this game to come out.  The gameplay videos are making me need this game.

This is going to be great.  I LOVE co-op games.

I screwed up the size :cookieMonster:

SD (Low res)

I haven't watched it yet but as soon as I heard Co-op and Zombies I was like OMFG I WANT. I hope the trailer is good :3

Valve... omg.. I'm going to get it but.... knowing its made by valve and they just too obsessive with there engine its going to make it a bit stuffter, so tired of hearing the HL2 Engine sounds in games (TF2).

I was personally hoping for a 'we're in a mall, grab what ever you can find and make a barricade then find a weapons store or find axes and chainsaws to hold them off as long as possible, you get bitten you need medicine to stop " becoming a Zombie"'. I mean running around shooting zombies in a building is good and all but there's no real OMFG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE its more like WHERE'S THE ZOMBIES >:D which isn't really some thing I like to see in zombie movies/games.

The end is like that Packer. When you reach your destination, you have 1 minute to gather whatever you can (soda cans, wodden planks etc) for weapons (most of your ammo will be gone by this point. And the 'the tank' zombie comes with 100s of zombies 1 minute later. Most of you will be limping around or lying down shooting because you can't move. You must survive until you get picked up. Even then, the beta testers said: "Just when we got aboard the plane and climbed the ladder, relief coursing through us, a zombie player (players can play boss zombies) snatched the last one to get on from the ladder with their noose like tongue. The person above him grabbed him and they both fell to their deaths. They gained nothing from 2 hours gameplay except death."


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