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For the 1st year in a row.
It's been fun seeing every year what people could come up with for New Years. Thanks to Kalphiter and the Clique for starting and continuing the trend respectively. After a long month I'm ready to present New Years 2019. As one of maybe the last of these parties ever to be hosted on Blockland I'm proud to be the one to do it. I hope you all enjoy what we have to offer for this year of New Years. I've really enjoyed making this server.

Schedule (In EST)
    - Dec 29th - First Preload.
    - Dec 30th - Second Preload.
    - 4:00 PM - Server opens.
    - 6:00 PM - New Years in CET
    - 7:00 PM - New years in GMT
    - 12:00 PM - New Years in EST
    - 1:00 AM - New Years in CST
    - 2:00 AM - New Years in MST
    - 3:00 AM - New Years in PST
    - 4:00 AM - Server closes

More dates will be added for events as New Years approaches.


New photos every other day.

We'll have a 100 (give or take) songs to be played on New Years from a wide selection across the decades. The music will be downloadable from this topic around the time the pre-loads go up for easier loading. times when the party is started on the 31st.

Celau (53456)
Queuenard (39617)
Caden100 (9890)

Special Thanks to:
Mr. Nobody

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looking for contributors to finish up the project hmu

looking for contributors to finish up the project hmu

i have super low expectations. also i love the logo that was made in ms paint 👀

Man its kinda sad to think that this'll probably be the one of the last one of these servers :(

Are the people who normally host this not going to do it this year?

is the guy on the right wearing a mohawk or does he have a pizza lodged into his head

if it's weathernerd it's the latter