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DMore is a server multi-deathmach server whit Helo and Medal of Warfare 2

The Lobby

im using a"overexagerated" use of the teams whit the slayer for the various map

The gamemode for now are:


The classic ripp-off who nobody asked for (still better than halo)

Playertype: First person

Weapon: Halo pack

Item: 200 hp shield

Incoming updates:New map, Grenades, medikit

Medal of Warfare 2

The 1 never existed because the 2 is 2 much cool (cod rip-off)


Playertype:Mw2 (tactical knife add-on)

weapon: Sweps pack

Item: none

Incoming update:New map, special weapon

The map are 7 for MoW2 and 6 for Helo
Whit a total of 13 maps


AM city (2-24 player)
Whitout this classic map a Death match is not a Death match

Military conpound (2-12 player)
A cool map, big and small at the same time

Market (city pack) (2-4 player)
"Remember soldier, you are NOT here to buy stuff"

Bank (city pack) (2-8 player)
If you don't die, take some "souvenir"

MOTEmansion (3-32 player)
Don't try to sleep in a room, you'll never wake up!

Cristal castle (3-32 player)
just a cool castle  :panda:

Mansion (2-18 player)
"Do you have your invite?"


Beta city (2-24 player)

Afganistan (3-32 player)
"WHAT! Did you see that guy?it look like osama!!"

Paradise town (2-12 player)
When "Paradise" mean stuff

Pirate island (3-20 player)
2 boat are fighting! who will win? nobody know that because this batle is taking 8 years?!?!?!?

Pirate world (4-42 player)
a HUGE map, just don't get lost (8-32 player)

Hightwheight DM (2-42 player)
A loving ROBLOX MAP! expect robloxian spawning 


The arcade room have some game:

Blasoff (spade arcade)

New DDr by crazy (is stiupid) )


air hockey
credis are in the image

blocko breacker
by blokaroo bl id 32111

doge a pong
by silent trigger bl id 25302

Old ddr

Doge the enemy (PvP)

Super tic tack toe?(PvP)

Connect 4
by Muttiilpomodoronero

Table tennis
by Muttiilpomodoronero

New discord server

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why did you steal most of these maps