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The only abandonware sites I trust are Underdogs and Abandonia.
And XTC.

The only abandonware sites I trust are Underdogs and Abandonia.
And XTC.
I checked that Abondonia website and found a lot of my favorite originals, like Klax and Tetris. I didn't know the originals of those were now considered abandon ware.

The DOS versions are.

i feel so stupid, at first i didnt know what 'abandon ware' was, but now i do :D

Welcome to the internet, have a nice stay.

So i can talk about how i got ultra iso which is an emulator. But i cant talk about how i used it to get ooohhhh say halo 1.

User was banned for this post
Badspot you just solved a problem.
Really ? I thought he was making some burgers .
BadSpot's Burgers 
. . So am I the only one that felt as if my IQ dropped after reading Chasey's post?
I felt it too.


Is making a topic on how to get linux on a console banable?

I've seen people talk about hacked ipods/psp so I dunno

As long as you don't talk on how to get your psp soft/hard modded, I guess it would be okay.

Emulation is ok, but is talking about the ROM you are playing?

No Piracy

I like how badspot arranged the rules so everything under it is "Do not", so you can't do it. Although all the points start with a "Do not" under the category so it rules it out, basically saying you can do that.
Or the bolded "Do Not" could simply be generalizing the bulleted point's, such as:

Thing's I like:
   I like Blockland
   I like techno
   I like mfsv,mfvd

so are we allowed to talk about Homebrew?

Depends what kind, and if I can have some. :3