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Sorry badspot, I was just trying to point out a very obvious loop hole.

so let me get this strait.

I can say i modded my PSP (which i didn't) and still be legal?
but what would be incorrect is state that i got the prgrams from am i correct?

also, what if its a goverment sponsered pirating system (I don't know any) like, can it be descussed and/or mentioned?
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And this time he wont be banned. Yeah atleast you kept it hard to understand.

I've got a question, if you wanted to make a topic about a scrapped boss in a game that requires hacking to see would it break the rules?


Am I disallowed to post about Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2? :(

Me and Psygo played it.

Ninja battery not invisible ;o we see it plain-as-day  :cookieMonster:

badspot can i give links to free gams?
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line rider = free
free = not piracy


Also. No Piracy? ARRGH!

badspot can i give links to free gams?

I swear you are the biggest dumbass on this forum, besides UFO, that is.

there was no need to post that.