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A brand new take and redesign of an original map made by jirue. The original map that was made back in 2009 was meant to be Half Life 2: Deathmatch styled.(albeit the only thing resembling Half-Life was a crowbar)
post of origin here

I really liked this map when I first played on the server and I kept the save ever since, luckily the post is still available and with the original save(?).

I liked it so much in fact that I spent the last month rebuilding it from the ground up using fancy new brick addons that will make your load times excruciatingly painful. I used the entire original map as reference but all of it is completely rebuilt from the ground up.

The total brick count is an amazing 21,254 bricks compared to the original 9,084 bricks.


24 Spawn Points
           4x4 spawn bricks

Half-Life 1 Weapons

Half-Life-Like Playertype
           Blockland Glass

Crouch Jump
           Blockland Glass

Health Chargers
           100% functional true to the original games. One full charge gives 50hp (each unit heals by 1/8th, since I couldn't do +6.25hp it's +7hp).
           HOLD CLICK to use, technically you can spam click but I fixed a bug that -WarBoy- found unintentionally where it would heal you quicker.

Logical Complex Architecture
           The original map had limitations that forced the layout to be what it is, even though I lacked these restrictions I tried staying within the same layout but made up for it with details.

Borderline Unoptimized
           I have a decently aged gaming rig.(AMD FX8350/GTX 970) It seems to play it pretty well with shaders on, but I tried making it look good with shaders set to minimum, off makes it too bright.

Boring Color Pallet
           Colorset_Trueno Another limitation for me personally is not being comfortable enough to experiment with new colors, so you're stuck with whites and greys with a few anomalies.

Screenshots (click to see larger view)

~                                                                   ~                                                                   ~

~                                                                   ~                                                                   ~

I'm not fond of Blockland's lighting because I build with shaders completely off, I apologize if the lighting is terrible, I blame Blockland for always making interior lighting miserable to work with but that's a topic of discussion for another time.(like 5 years ago)


OFFLINE <-- click for suprise


I'd love to upload the save to public, but currently I lack the time and resources to hunt down every single addon I used in this project. I've dulled down quite a bit already so I can host for people with decently reasonable load times.

If someone wants to make a cool title graphic for me please do so. I'm 100% fully capable of doing so myself but lack free time. It seems people like a bit of professionalism to these things, and that helps.

I'll put up a video of people playing on the server, if it gets reasonably populated.

I want to make more of these, consistently. Possibly generate a map pool to play through. I already made a complete 1:1 replica of Half-Life 1 Crossfire in 2015, that would be the first addition.
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Good work!

Looks great ill play it if i see it online