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I like vore, so I made an add-on about it.

   Click on a player or bot - Pick up said player or bot.
   /mouth - Put whatever you're holding (items dont count) into your mouth
   /swallow - Swallow whatever is in your mouth
   /toggleHUD - Turn off / Turn on your MARC HUD system.
   /toggleMarcGUI - Show / hide your MARC HUD system.
   /setSpeed (number) - Set your speed boost. Default is 2. This only works when the MARC HUD system is on. The higher the speed boost, the faster your HUD energy will drain.

How to not Die
if you're being held / are in a player's mouth, you can spam click to get out. If you're held in a bot's mouth, you, again, can spam click to get out.
If you're in something's stomach, you must complete a minigame to force whoever you're in to puke you out.

Bots are very advanced in this mod. If you want to make a bot, put down a bot spawn brick and put these events in:
onBotSpawn -> Bot -> ChangeDataBlock-> (anime)
onBotSpawn -> Bot -> setBotPowered -> Off
onBotSpawn -> Bot -> loopMarcAI -> (Inputbox - The full name of this bot) (Inputbox - Bot scale; default is "1 1 1") (Checkbox - If checked, then the bot will not eat players that are smaller than it)
Bots don't only go after players, either; They can chase after bots, too.

   Bot->loopMarcAI (Inputbox - The full name of this bot) (Inputbox - Bot scale; default is "1 1 1") (Inputbox - Bot's personality type. Only "General" and "Assertive" are implemented) (Checkbox - If checked, then the bot will not eat players that are smaller than it) - Loop bot AI.
   Bot->setAntiSocial (Boolean) - If a bot is antisocial, it won't chatter with nearby same-size bots.
   Bot->addToTrust (InputBox) - Add a player to the bot's trust list. It must be either a client's BL_ID or a bot's spawnbrick name

  Q: Why?
  A: Read the first sentence of this thread.

  Q: My HUD system is out of energy and now wont turn back on. What should I do?
  A: Go up to a friendly bot (must be bigger than you), and say "mouth". It will then pick you up, and put you in their mouth. While you're in a giant bot's mouth, it will recharge your HUD energy.

  Q: Why is the code all over the place?
  A: I made this years ago, pls

- if you die in a stomach, your player gets deleted and you cannot respawn. though to be honest, it feels more like a feature than a bug to me

I want my anime giantesses
ok, here you go (sorry pompmaker):
oh, also, this playertype can be resized to scale "15 15 15" max


It's a VORE kind of day
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Okay, but why?

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oh my god xD this is really good vore add-on.

i'd question clay but i would get a reply that would be too witty for me to understand

good addon nevertheless

Everyday way stray farther from god's light

if you hit the players stomach with a hammer or any melee weapon would the swallowed player escape chest burster style (killing the person who swallowed the player)

the addon that will save blockland

rape mod integration when?