Author Topic: blockland forums rewrites the US constitution  (Read 5675 times)

Amendment E) Anything Cromartini writes here is now invalid, forget you commie bastard

the last part is part of the amendment yes
I call for a vote to negate this amendment

xxx) research xdddddddddddd get it its the love letters

amendment z) castrate all those which participate in the blockland forum

amendment z) students are allowed to own a gun but only inside the school.

For the student self-defense from robbers, rapers and other outsiders.

amendment 420) weed legal

amendment 360) is it legal to forget anyone above 13 if you have a permit

Amendment 361: Its legal to forget anyone underneath the age of -13

S) No furries.
im moving back to canada

ot: Amendment 362: everybody who's a problem user on blf is automatically denied citizenship

addmentment 3382: youtube is not allowed to be stuffty