What Weapons Would You Like To See Both Block Snake, and BLOXHOUND Use In The Future?

More Rifles
More Snipers
More Shotguns
More Pistols
No Change Needed

Author Topic: Metal Block Solid (Flashback) (OPEN BETA)  (Read 780 times)

Metal Block Solid, is a gamemode based off of the hit video game franchise Metal Gear Solid. In MBS, you will either play as a member of the now terrorist organization, BLOXHOUND. Or you will become the man himself, Block Snake, out to save a man hostage inside, or eliminate the entire base!

There are 3 gamemodes currently within MBS.

1 Player will become the man himself, Block Snake, and will have to either A: Eliminate the BLOXHOUND members. or B: Rescue the hostage in the back room!

-Snake and Raden-
2 Players will become both Block Snake and Raden, and will have to complete the objective as a team!

-Titan Snake-
Similar to the Classic mode, however Block Snake will be equipped with a MG, higher HP, a healing syringe that recharges, and grenades! However, Block Snake will no longer have his invisibility, or his speed, making him a sniping target!

Welcome to...

Metal Block Solid

lol whats the brickcount