What shader quality do you use?

16 (26.7%)
17 (28.3%)
5 (8.3%)
2 (3.3%)
2 (3.3%)
Very High
0 (0%)
8 (13.3%)
Max + Custom Shaders
10 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 60

Author Topic: Poll - What Shader Quality Do You Use?  (Read 760 times)

max+ custom for 800k bricks lol

none if im on v20 lol!!! max or minimum. none others - if it lags too much on max i'll go to minimum, theres no real difference in performance between off and minimum

Damn this is pretty interesting. Everyone either runs it on Off/Minimum, or Max/Max+Custom Shaders. Everything in between hardly gets touched and I assume it's because Low/Medium/Etc. don't look good enough for the FPS sacrifice that comes along with it. Also this poll will be really helpful for map/gamemode creators in the future. That way they can make sure what they've got looks good with no shaders and max shaders.

The only thing I do on blockland nowadays is test my addons or build. The only game I play is grappleknife that runs 980fps on shaders off and 600fps or so on max. I'm not sure why but I find shaders distracting to me hence I use them mostly when taking pictures.