which is it?

the borderlands franchise
12 (80%)
the rotten call of duty franchise
3 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 15

Voting closes: May 02, 2046, 08:55:55 AM

Author Topic: which is a better video game franchise  (Read 371 times)

I cannot get into Borderlands 2 no matter how much I try, haven't tried the others

Borderlands the pre-sequel is super underrated

i mean cod black ops had a good story about conspiracys and brainwashing and how not everything is how it seems
i thought the next black ops would have another guy being questioned with a different story with a whole lot of other things that make you question the sanity of the character your playing
but nope
same old duck reload shoot rinse and repeat gameplay
no sign of anything amiss
just the same old story of a guy doing a mission
so i guess borderlands?