Author Topic: Blockland Crashes On Creating Server  (Read 819 times)

im trying to host my BL server which is a freebuild but i dont know why it crashes while in the middle of "Creating server"
here is the log file:

I don't know what is crashing your server. But I've heard of people having issues with Return To Blockland.  afaik it's no longer being updated.

alright, i'll uninstall RTB since its probably conflicting with the addon

i still use rtb but i dont usually use a forgetload of mods so it might be something loving w/ rtb

RTB uses some kind of system to cache, but it overflows (or has something incompatible with another addon) and causes the crashing after a certain amount of addons/prefs. I totally get that it has a decent preference system but it is unstable. I'm sorry but you have to uninstall it and use something else. Do not combine RTB and Glass/other system mod either.

90% of the time I had RTB in my add-ons I would crash, chances are its RTB, tbh I've recently had issues with blockland glass crashing me now too and I'm not sure why, when I turn it off I don't crash but when the server is dedicated and its enabled, no issues.

weird crashing on startup issues can usually be solved by removing glass, rtb, or both, unfortunately. sometimes you can identify the offending addon, but it seems to be mostly related to number of prefs registered in total by the mods enabled

Pretty sure that is the issue, its just easier to avoid if the server is dedicated. The only thing I hate about dedicated servers though is when loading datablocks stops, or when my chat wont work for whatever reason. It doesn't just effect the chat but now you can't view your items and you can't wrench anything. Its clearly just an add-on causing the issue though.